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Vikings are tough, but they do have their soft spots.

Svend’s Awakening

Written, Illustrated, and Animated by Darren Wilden.

Svend Ygil, the most feared Viking of all, was getting ready for the next adventure. He was known as being mean and tough. A true Viking Who would never back down from a battle.

Word had reached Chief Gunner Ögvald that a virus was invading the lands of the north. Being the most experienced of them all, Gunner ordered Svend to cancel the raid.

Though Gunner had never battled with a virus, he knew exactly which battles to pick, and which battles to avoid.

Ogvald the Viking

There will be no plundering or raids for the next 6 months!

6 months!?! Gunner, are you forgetting we are Vikings? I will tell the men to set sails.

I will not risk our people, despite you being a brainless-ignorant-selfish helmet head. You will stay home as commanded! Gunner replied.

Ygil the Viking

As Svend walked home that night, he was not pleased, not pleased at all. “6 months.... at home” he mumbled. He placed his axe by hammering it straight into the wall, while calling for his loyal friend Arvid.

When did we vikings ever follow any rules?! We are the most fearless people on the planet!

Svend the Viking

I looked into the fire and the chief is right, we must all stay home. This is not the time to be a hero Svend! Besides, you do not want to upset Thor.

As Svend and Arvid were discussing facts and details, Gunner walked into the house. He had been listening in on their conversation.

Gunner the Viking

I hope the hammer of thor will fly upon your skull, and knock some sense into that narrow minded head of yours! Get some sleep and maybe tomorrow morning you will wake up a little more wise.

Thankfully a good nights sleep helped Svend to think a little different about the sitaution.

The thought of the virus hurting his family, his friends, and his village, was more than he could handle.

He rushed to the ship, but this time with a diffeerent purpose.

Ogvald the Viking

Where do you think you are going?

The men and I will clear our shores so no one enters our village.

Ygil the Viking

After clearing the shores, Svend rushed back to the village shouting “The work of the devil is invading our lands”.

All the villagers were ordered to stay home, as dark clouds began to form like hell itself was closing in on them.

“No one is allowed to go out until i have embedded my axe in the Demon’s skull” Svend said, while arming himself for battle.

“He is a foul creature from the underworld, who will try to take control of our lands. He walks among us unseen, but he cannot enter our souls if we distance ourselves from one another.”

I am watching you!

Don’t let me catch you breaking the rules, or I will show you what a true Viking is made of. Stay home!

My Men have died by the sword, but never from a virus.
Only a coward brings a virus to a battleground.

Respect the rules.
Or May the Hammer of Thor knock some sense into your head.


Svend’s Awakening - Let the sun rise

Lyrics written by Darren Wilden
Studio performance by Jémma. Recorded in Los Angeles, USA