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Darrens.Media is a new branch we have added to our graphic network. This is to help new and experienced photographers bring more creativity into their photography. Active members of our social media channels have already started the journey to become more creative, and are now learning how to bring new ideas into their photography.

Join our Photoshop lessons for only $10 per month.
We provide numerous tutorials on our Patreon channel and we continue to update the channel with new inputs on how to make the best of Photoshop.
Repeat and learn from all the videos.
As a member you can always come back and repeat any session you need refreshed. We are also online to help.
Professional online training to boost your editing skills.
Our videos are recorded in 1080p Full HD using a røde podcaster microphone to record the audio. Download project and source files for each tutorial.
There are no requirements to previous editing skills
Our videos are created in steps, making it easier to learn. Every procedure is fully explained and also works perfectly for visual learners.

* Tutorial videos cannot be downloaded and are only available online.

Before and after

Once a photo

Now a powerful marketing image

There’s only your mind to limit your online awareness

Think out of the box!

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