It all started as a childhood fantasy...

My dream growing up was not to become an astronaut, a policeman, or a firefighter. I had a passion for drawing, a passion so big I just had to pursue it.

From a dream to becoming a designer.

In 1996 I began working at LEGO as a designer. It was a dream come true for a young man, and I clearly remember feeling like the luckiest man in the world at that time.

I quickly found myself working more on the digital platform as years went by. I began to draw digitally and also learned how to model in 3D. Little did I know how these exact two things would open up a new chapter in my life... the future of was about to start.

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From a designer to a Digital Marketing Specialist.

I continued to study throughout the years, as the digital industry was progressing rapidly and still is. I spent about 10 years working as a Digital Marketing Specialist, advising big companies how to bring more success to their digital marketing. This was also a great way to combine the digital platform with my years of experience working as a designer.

I was always working on new ideas, but yet again I was still unaware that during these years the building blocks for were coming into place.

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The Creative Lab.

I started the creative lab as a brainstorming bank to store all my ideas. Other than working as a regular studio it also became my production facility to try out many new ideas. I've always been a hard worker and very commited to the projects I have been working on, and The Creative Lab soon became a production for painting, 3D modeling, photography and compositing.

The birth of

After nearly five years of working with ideas in The Creative Lab, I began to realize that all the pieces for the puzzle were coming together and it was the right time to start Along with cofounder Gitte Svenstrup, we have now built a solid platform for marketing agencies, new entrepreneurs, animators, website developers etc. to purchase stock art images.

Being the artist the name of the company came natural, and the work you see on this site shows exactly what I stand for - Passion, Creativity, Quality, Loyalty, and many customers have already taken the journey to purchase stock art images at for their future promotions.

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