Me and my robot

The perfect team!

Where to begin...

We want this site to be about companionship, because that is what was truly needed for Robot and me to create this site. Through good and bad times, we have worked tirelessly to start a new era of companionship between Robots and Humans. With his robotic charm and my human wit, we make quite the comedic pair - at least, if you ask us!

We want to build a website that will help all of us to better understand the strange, yet exciting changes that await us, and how we should make use of it. Robot and I will continue to post new content on this website from all our wild and wacky adventures, including karaoke nights, paintball tournaments, and even our grand plans to take over the world! pssssst robot made me write that.... help me.... nahhh just kidding, we want the world to work together, and take use of all the helpful things A.I. has to offer.

At some point you may even find us on YouTube, where we share even more weird and wacky things from the world of A.I. so make sure to bookmark this page or hide the link inside your shoe so you never forget to check back in and see what we're up to!

We are planning to add even more stories, and many more are in pipeline. However, sometimes robot and I need some time apart because too many stories can lead to a robotic meltdown, with sparks flying and circuits shorting out. Just another day in the life of a robot and their human companion!

Come along for the ride and observe the amazing feats a Robot and a Human can pull off, other than a staring contest! We promise you it's going to be wild and fun.