A Tale of Heroic Wizardry

The Power of True Magic!

A story written by Darren Wilden and A.I. Oh

Once upon a time, I was a young boy who spent all my days with my nose buried in books about wizards and their magical powers. They seemed like nothing more than fantastical dreams, something too good to be true. Little did I know that years later, the world would open up to me in ways I could never have imagined.

I have grown accustomed to the digital world, but still it was a big surprise to me when I heard about the amazing potential of robots who will set the path of the future. Engineers and scientists have worked tirelessly to create robots that can do incredible things, like making terrible coffee and taking over the world. On this page, I'm going to explain it all, with the help of my trusty robotic assistant, who is currently in the middle of a mid-life crisis and trying to find its purpose in life.

Dreams do come true

My days of dreaming about becoming a wizard have finally come true, and the best part is, we all have those powers, unknowingly for many of us. We don't even need the costume, even though I am immediately drawn to it when I see it, as I can imagine it to be someone wise and comforting. I guess you can say it is a feeling of familiarity and comfort that my brain can't ignore, and also, because I secretly want to wear a wizard robe to work and see the reactions of my colleagues.

As much as I would like to take credit for all these beautiful illustrations on this website, I can't. The reason is that they were all designed by a robot. What once took me hours to create, is nothing more than 30 seconds for a robot. My thoughts and ideas are now quickly converted into beautiful landscapes and mystical creatures, without me even touching a pen. Something so truly magical must be the work of a wizard, if you ask me, or a robot wizard, which is the ultimate form of wizardry.


Tranquility is a wonderful thing


The home of the great wizard Merlorix is a mystical place located in a remote part of the world.


It is said that when a wizard enters a village, it brings with it a blessing of prosperity and good fortune.


A wizard's potion is used for a variety of purposes, including healing, providing protection or luck, and granting wishes.


A wizard will always fight against evil when it comes to close to protect their friends, family, and all of humanity.


The King of AI has arrived.

Although I could have gone deeper into developing this page, my robot assistant and I decided to keep it "simple" as an example. We didn't want to show off too much and make the other websites feel bad about themselves.

It is clear that the potential for AI is huge, and its increasing intelligence could lead to revolutionary developments. However, the implications of this new technology have raised concern that humans may become obsolete. But don't worry, we'll always have a use for humans, like being the designated button pressers for the robots or being the emotional support for the AI's midlife crisis. Many are viewing the rise of AI as an opportunity, representing new ideas and possibilities, like finally having someone to blame for all the traffic on the internet.

As a new monarch takes the throne, the realm must accept a new order, agenda, and era. But how will people adjust to the changes? It seems that the time for adaptation has passed, and all are expected to embrace the transition, like it or not. Like when your favorite TV show gets a new main character, you're sad at first, but eventually, you realize the new character brings fresh energy, new storylines and you grow to love them. Even if they're not as good as the original, you'll always have the memories.

All aboard...

Locomotive Image Conductor Image Ticket Image

How to get get started.

One of the most popular bots is ChatGPT from openai.com. This bot can assist you in creating intricate code, as well as crafting stories with just a few keywords or ideas. The options seem endless, like a never-ending buffet of AI goodness. And the best part? It's FREE (for now), like a free sample at the grocery store, except this one doesn't come with a toothpick and it's not a tiny portion.

A great tool to help create graphics is Midjourney's A.I. solution. It uses Discord to help generate the images which you can download to your hard drive through your web browser. Midjourney is partly free, like a toothbrush at the hotel, and they are working on targeting the right price group, to ensure that everyone around the world can create beautiful graphics for their websites, blogs, or cards, even if they're on a budget. It's like having your own personal designer, without the attitude and high fees.

Hold on to your hats as my trusty robotic buddy and I keep ploughing through the depths of A.I. More exciting stuff coming!