Not all heroes wear capes

About Darren’s Stories

It all starts with an idea, and a long journey begins to build an inspirational online story.

While you are reading our about page, we are busy working on the next story. We put a lot of time and effort into creating these stories, to give you something unique and inspirational. It’s a true passion of what we all enjoy doing, and the combination of having several talents coming together to serve you something unique, is an inspirational idea for all of us.

We are all very commited to bringing you the best online experience when we begin a new story. We love being creative, and enjoy being professional about it.

Online journey

Our website has been specially designed for your online journey. It was decided very early if this was to be a great experience for you, we had to step out of the standard way of doing things, and simply develop our own platform to handle everything. There wasn’t a solution out there that would fit what we wanted to achieve, so we built our own from scratch. Every story page is designed specially for your reading and interacting experience, as your journey into these stories is what truly counts.

Not all heroes wear capes

Not all artistes are performers, and not all artistes are seen. Our developers are unseen but they have built a great and secure platform, so your adventure can begin on a first class seat. When you look at the illustrations, and your hear the music and singing, remember it’s our skillful developers who are making sure you can experience a website in a professional story mode. They are as much the heroes.

The support from our Rockstars

Our supporters are rockstars, there’s no doubt about that. They are the ones who ensures that new stories can continue to develop. We are not CEOs, CFOs, or Managers. We are creative people with a passion to create something amazing. Though our platform is designed on, our primary focus is to contribute to what will become an inspirational story.

Seeing the bigger picture

All of the people involved are paid professionals. It’s what they are good at, and they are paid for what they do. We are running this site professionally and openly to see if good hearted people and sponsors will support us. We truly want everyone to have a great online journey with these stories, and we know that not all people are as fortunate as others. So to help the less fortunate to escape into these world, we are keeping the site open, subscription and ad-free. Sponsors will have a have section at the bottom of the story where their logo and link to their website will be added. We run sponsorship plans, and should you be interested in such a plan, please make sure to contact us. Also make sure to join us on our social media channels, this is also a great way to show support.

Hello from Denmark

This is where the journey began. It’s the same country where a young man wrote his first poem in 1830, at the age of 25. He followed his passion and became one of the most famous fairy tale writers of all times. His name is H. C. Andersen. We are not aiming to become the next H. C. Andersen, but we do feel his passion to create small stories which are unique and inspirational. We all need a break regardless who we are, where we allow the mind to travel freely into undiscovered worlds.

Happy reading. We will be looking forward to bringing you the next story.